Sarah, 22 years old, Indonesian.
engineer of telecommunications also amateur photographer.
I do love science, astronomy, archeology. and I'am conspiracy junkie.
I love 70's - 90's songs as well.
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Happy Birthday!


Since I’m jobless now, and not have much money. Guess what I gave to Dhio as a birthday present?

This! hahaha some cheesy artwork made by me using photoshop.

The picture is full of meaning for both of us (or maybe it’s just for me? wkwk) Those character were people in our favorite TV series. although we were not watching them on telly, we just downloaded and watched it together hehe.

The reason why i chose them was I like them. and they are suit to said such of things. Meelo (The legend of Avatar Korra) is a cheery kids, so i made him to talked about birthday wish. Ned stark, Dr. Watson, and Arya Stark are wise. They talked about advice.   

However, it was a long time since the last time I used photoshop to make things. I think it took around 5 hours for making this. include sketching and searching pictures on internet. So sorry for the rough editing wkwk.

I printed this, and put it in a frame. At first, i wanted to print it in some photo store (Fuji Film or sort of things), but it will took 2 days. zzz. So, let’s go to the next plan, heading to Snappy!

We celebrated his birthday at Telaga Sampireun last night, because on friday and saturday noon he took test in Binus for his S2 enrollment. I just prepared two donuts with candle on the top. and gave him this present, wrapped by green papers. his favorite color. 

Even though i don’t have much money, 
I wanted to make a special gift, to a special person, with the special effort, and special cost (no cost at all, actually). 

Birthday present is not always about money, it’s not the price, it’s the value of it. The limitations, encourage you to be a creative person. 


Annisa Sarah

Super Sunday

After i arrived at home on Sunday, I really wanted to update about this but I was so tired and sleepy, hehe. okay, here’s my story!

last Sunday I finally went to Tanah Tingal! after for almost 10 years i lived nearby that outbound-area, I was there for attending White Shoes & the Couples Company live concert with the title was “Berjalan-jalan Vol.1”


ticket and cassette, got from the event

the ticket cost Rp 80.000, including their new single tape/cassette and also the entrance-ticket for Tanah Tingal. The ‘concert’ theme is actually not really concert, but they (the event crews) made a picnic-day which opened for all family members (child under 12 years old was free).

There was many food stalls on the pool sides which sold any kind of foods and drinks. we need to exchange our rupiahs into money-vouchers if we want to buy anything from food stalls. 

since it was a family-event, there was many kind of kids programs, like face-painting or making handicraft from used-materials, both of them was free from any cost. Another kid’s activity was story telling that held by APISI (Asosiasi Pekerja Informasi Sekolah Indonesia) or Indonesian School Information Association. APISI was also solds very-low-priced-books, and they open book-donation which later will distributed to libraries around Indonesia, with their ambitions was to broaden child’s knowledge through reading. 

At first i only want to check what kind of books that APISI sold, and if there were kid’s books that contains more picture than text, maybe i would buy some. Surprisingly, yes of course, they sold some kid’s books that full of picture and it cost only Rp 10.000, there were two books that caught my eyes, Lion Kings and Binatang Menakjubkan dalam Al-Qur’an (Amazing Animals which Told in Al-Qur’an). After i looked on the side of book’s table, there was rectangular carton with a hole in front of it, and at the carton’s top there was written "Buy the books and donate them to these children" (yea it’s not the exact sentence, but sort of) and i was confused and i asked the seller, if i might buy the books and bring them home, or i should put the book which i bought into the carton. I told her that i want to buy them because I want to donate them to Komunitas Menara’s library. And then, the seller was surprised and she ask about my activity on Komunitas Menara, she thought that I’m a librarian hahaha. She gave me her contact and she ask mine either, she want to invite me to their activity someday. i was so happyy! this is a life that i want to live in.

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Diary, September 25th

Dear my virtual diary,

I passed my exam for Intermediate Class in TBI with overall score was 83%! Yuhu!

Surprisingly, students got an Individual Report, written by Nick (our native teacher).

Why was I surprise?

Because.. I did not receive kind of this thing when I was taking Conversation Class in 2012 at TBI Dago Bandung.

On that Individual Report, there was written our score for Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing from the exam, and also teacher’s comment about student performance.

Nick was wrote

Sarah is a pleasure to teach as she is hardworking student with a passion for learning. She works well individually and in pairs. She completes writing tasks with a good degree of accuracy. It is unfortunate that Sarah can be a little quiet in larger discussions; it would be nice to see her speak out more often in those scenarios. Her comprehension skill is strong and her writing is good for her level

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Diary, September 15th

Hello fellows!

It’s Monday again. maybe it’s a tough day for you huh? but it’s quite interesting for me. hehe :p

as usual, I did attend my English course from 10.00 to 13.30. Everyone told their weekend-story. some have good stories, while some have nothing to say because they just stay at home and got bored. 

Today we talked about sharing a flat with your flatmate.

I’ve never shared a flat with anybody, but I think I must prepare to share one if I will go abroad and being an International Student out there. Me and my course-friends agree that sharing a flat is a difficult thing to do, because the different habit, and also the personal character that sometimes can’t meet each other.

after class, I went home and watched Sherlock series. on its first episode I just amazed with that, it’s great! totally! but when i continue to the next episode, I’ve confused. why they do the same dialogue, same condition, same character, same case but different way to solve? I just don’t get it. But i just watched two episodes, what can I say? overall, i really like the idea, to bring Sherlock Holmes in 21st century, interesting!

okay, that’s my story for today,

need to study my English now, 10 days before the course exam.



Annisa Sarah

PAUD Komunitas Menara

I have a new interesting routine for every Saturday morning!

I’m being a volunteer in  Komunitas Menara which developed by A. Fuadi, the author of Negeri 5 Menara.

Komunitas Menara opens Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini (PAUD). it’s like Kindergarten, for 3 to 5 years old kids, free from any kind of cost, including student’s uniform.  But it’s not the point that makes them the best PAUD I’ve ever seen.

What makes them so special then?

This school emphasize student’s sense of motoric. They teach how to build something from blocks, what we need to do to keep the environment clean, how to be a nice kid, what could we do to help our friends, etc.

Reading, writing and number counting have a small portion in their activities. The main purpose of this PAUD, is build the child’s character. They hone children’s imagination by making something, drawing, and another kind of activity that including the children to do something with their own hand. They even never use a whiteboard.

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Pre-Intermediate class, TBI Fatmawati


Since Monday, Sept 8th, I started my Global English class at The British Institute Fatmawati.

How come? Don’t you want to join IELTS preparation class, Sar?

Okay, I will tell you the whole story.

Last week I took the placement test. After finished 100 questions and wrote essay, the result was out.  I belong to pre-intermediate class, or level 5. For IELTS preparation class, student must be at Intermediate level, which means level 6. SO WHAT SHOULD I DO THEN? I already resigned from work, but I can’t join IELTS preparation class.

TBI suggest me to practice my grammar and writing skill in global English class until September 25th and then I could join IELTS prep class at September 29th. So I take the chance. It doesn’t like my expectation, it cost so much money though.

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Masa Remadja, by White Shoes & The Couples Company

Song : Aprilia Apsari
Lyrics : Aprilia Apsari

Masa Remadja masa yang paling gemilang /
Hasrat merekah berbinar tiada tandingan /
Selalu canda ria tawa semerbak bagai mimpi /
Suka duka bersama-sama setiap hari /
Rona bersemi mengias mengukir memori /

Merekah bersemi gairah masa di SMA /
Semerbak harumnya nirwana tak akan terlupa/

Masa belia masanya untuk bersuka /
Getar di hati pertama tak akan terlupa berulang kembali /

Manisnya lamuna membias bak pelangi /
Patahnya harapan bukan penghalang mimpi /
Resah gelisah berlalu cepat berganti


hai, setelah mendengarkan lagu ini, jadi ingin berbagi sedikit kalimat. Kita kembali ke Sarah yang berumur 16 tahun, 

Enam Belas Tahun,

emosi bergejolak, adrenalin terpacu deras.
apakah kau tau yang ada di pikiran remaja kala itu?

Ia ingin berteman, ia ingin berkelana, ia ingin bercinta.

tanpa tahu apa yang terjadi setelah itu, ia hanya ingin memulainya.  

-SRH, 20 Juli 2014

Being Bright with My Own Way



Good morning, happy weekend!

today i want to share my story about hunting jobs, and reason why i end with this company.

Bermula dari jobfair, setelah selesai sidang gue ga langsung lapar akan kerjaan kantoran gitu, gue mau mengistirahatkan diri gue dari kesibukan kampus yang akademis dan non akademis selama 3.5 tahun itu. setelah beberapa minggu, mulai lah gue dateng jobfair, mau tau aja sih sebenernya. lalu gue ke jobfair braga, yang ada telkom indonesia nya. long story short, gue rekruitasi PT PINS INDONESIA. ini anak perusahaannya telkom. gue sempet sih lamar perusahaan lain, tapi satu alesan kuat gue kenapa gue mau pins karena : Perusahaan Indonesia, dan telkom group.

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What you get by playing Left 4 Dead with friends?

Selamat pagi teman,

Hari ini gue akan cerita tentang Left 4 Dead. Game yg gue sendiri ogah mainin karena gw takut mainin first-person-shooter yang ada hubungannya sama  setan, zombie apapun itu lah. Game first-person-shooter yang gue mainin paling Cuma Time Crisis di timezone bwkekek


Buat main game ini, serunya sih berempat. Tapi gue disini bukan mau ngasih tau tips and trick lah, orang gue aja ga pernah mainin. Gue cuma jadi penonton dan komentator dikala temen-temen gue main di sekre. Nah, disini gue mau bahas (dari hasil pengamatan gue) apa yang sebenernya tanpa lo sadari lo dapet selagi main Left 4 Dead bareng temen-temen lo :

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Dear you, mahasiswa semester satu tersayang


gue mau ngucapin selamat datang di dunia perkuliahan. dunia yang sangat amat berbeda dari masa kalian masih duduk di bangku kayu yang bisu dan menjalankan rutinitas konvensional

ini sama sekali berbeda, dari keseharian kalian yang waktu belajarnya tetap setiap hari dengan teman yang sama dan aktivitas siswa yang tidak berkembang dari tahun ke tahun

dan lagi, ini juga berbeda. teman kalian juga bukan teman yang seperti kalian bayangkan saat SMA dimana kalian benar-benar senasib sepenanggungan. contoh kecil, kalian masuk dan lulus bersama. pada masa itu

selamat, lo berkesempatan merasakan mahasiswa

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